Guide on European Standards

European Standards are a set of technical specifications defining the requirements that a product needs to meet. The standards are in place to ensure the safety of the consumer and the quality of the product. Standards are reviewed every 5 years. Please always check with your employer or in your local guidelines that you are wearing the right equipment for your workplace.

What is the EN20471 standard?

The EN20471 standard has been in place since 2013 and was last reviewed in 2018. This standard ensures that high visibility clothing is suitable for high-risk situations and offers visibility during the day & night

To respect the standard, the product must have reflective details all around the upper body and have a certain amount of high visibility and retroreflective material

The visibility of the material is determined by its colour, like fluorescent Yellow or Orange. Darker or less visible colours like Navy, Dark Red or Black are not visible enough to meet this standard. This also applies to all of our vests in breathable Mesh fabric (even in Yellow and Orange), as the "holes" in the Mesh fabric interrupt the surface and reduce the visibility.

Which products meet the EN20471 standard?

The Yellow, Orange, Yellow/Navy and Orange/Navy safety vests meet this standard.


What is the EN17353 standard?

The EN17353 standard has been in place since 2020 and ensures that clothing and accessories are suitable for medium-risk situations. The standard is divided into different types - the relevant types for our products are Type B3 and Type AB. 

Type B3: The products that meet this standard offer visibility only during the night or in low-light conditions. To respect the standard, the product must have retroreflective material placed all around the torso or all around the torso and limbs. 

Type AB: The products that meet this standard offer visibility in daylight and low-light conditions, but also have to be made from fluorescent material, making them visible during the day. The standard differs from EN20471 in terms of the amount of high-visibility and retroreflective material used and the intended use of the garment.

Products that meet this standard are ideal for any work environment, where high-visibility clothing is optional and not required by law, as well as for private use.

Which products meet the EN17353 Type B3 standard?

All adult non-fluorescent vests, all Mesh vests and our waterproof leg cover meet this standard.

Which products meet the EN17353 Type AB standard?

All children's safety vests meet this standard.

What are the EN1150 and EN13356 standards? 

The EN1150 and EN13356 standards are no longer in use and have been replaced by the EN17353 standard. They used to cover protective clothing for non-professional use and visibility accessories for non-professional use respectively. 

Although they are no longer in use, many of our products still meet these standards. They are still valid and fine to use until their certificates of conformity expire. They will then need to be retested to the EN17353 standard.